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Accountable Source, Inc. supports recovery for persons diagnosed with mental illness. We offer clients a way to incorporate recovery into their daily lives. We recognize that there is more than one recovery model and that recovery is different for each individual.

Through our services, we hope to offer a way for clients to think about what recovery means to them and what it can look like in their daily lives. Our goal is to support clients as they begin this journey on finding their vision for their lives.

Services Offered

Our services can be provided at home and community-based settings, including individual homes, apartments, assisted living facilities, and small community-based residences. Our services include:

  • Home & Community-Based Services (HCS)

    Providing personalized services and supports to people with intellectual disabilities who live with their family. Learn more.

  • Community First Choice (CFC)

    Providing services and supports to individuals who are enrolled in the Medicaid program. Learn more.

  • Texas Home Living (TxHML)

    Providing essential services and supports to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Learn more.

  • Adult Mental Health (AMH)

    Providing supportive services to transition age youth, adults, and older adults in need of mental health treatment. Learn more.

  • CPS/Post Adoption, Community-Based Care

    We provide a network of support for children with mental illnesses or intellectual/developmental disabilities. Learn more.

We also offer:

  • Day Habilitation
  • Creative Living Skills and Daily Living Skills
  • DARS Employment Assistance
  • Complete Educational Program
  • Computer Skills Training
  • Recreational Daily and Outing Weekly
  • Weekly Cooking Classes
  • Arts and Crafts Classes
  • Assistance with Medicaid Application
  • Assistance with Medicare Application
  • Assistance with SSI/Social Security
  • Help with Transportation
  • Assistance with Food Stamp Application
  • Assistance with Job Application
  • Job Interview Training
  • HCS Assistance
  • Assistance with FAFSA and CAPS Preparation

Why Us?

Our services are designed to assist individuals in acquiring, relating, and/or improving self-help socialization skills and adaptive skills necessary to reside at home and community-based settings. Services are designed to meet individual needs.

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